24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race 2019 Cheque Presentations

The 16th staging of the 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race started at 1400 on Saturday, the 5th of October 2019. Thirty-three boats crossed the line. These included nine RS Quests, eight RS Fevas, six Laser Picos, one Laser Bahia, and nine Hansa dinghies. They sailed through the night and into the next day, with replacement crews cat-napping in the Garden Bar or waiting for their change-over on the dock.

Then, with barely 15 minutes to go before the 1400 cut-off on Sunday, a massive squall swept the course. It only lasted six minutes but there were gusts of up to 45 knots! The tired sailors struggled to control their boats, most capsized and the race officer, Bridget Chan, abandoned all racing.

Results were calculated by a new formula using a combination of the total money raised and the corrected average lap time. Thus: Overall corrected average lap time = Corrected average lap time x (1 – donation allowance)*.

Of course the 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race is not just about racing small sailboats around a 1-mile rectangular course in Hebe Haven. It’s also about raising money for worthy causes and this year, despite the ongoing protests, HK$1 million was raised. Absolutely incredible!

On Friday, the 15th of November 2019, a Cheque Presentation ceremony was held in the Garden Bar of the Hebe Haven Yacht Club. Due to start at 1800, time had to be given to guests as traffic congestion was particularly bad and roads in a number of areas en route were blocked. However, sailing manager, Rob Allen, got things underway at 1930 with thanks and appreciation to the Hebe Dragons and to Mike & Kay Rawbone of Sailability. Race officials were called up to the front to much applause and the club commodore, Don Johnston, gave thanks to all who had made the event the success it was.

The sailors of Temujin received the Top Fundraiser Team award and the Hebe Old Dragons were presented with the Team Spirit Trophy.

The School Spirit Trophy went to Nord Anglia International School and the Charity Spirit Trophy was received by the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Much to the delight of their parents, the Inter-school Challenge Cup went to the young sailors of the French International School.

The racing awards went to Para Warriors in 3rd place, the RBJs in 2nd place and overall 1st went to the Imperial Poona Yacht Club (represented by John John Ashford & Sophie Witham). By the way, the highest number of laps recorded went to Still Top Heavy with a recorded 91 and a corrected lap time of 13.25 minutes.

Cheques were presented to the Sai Kung District Community Centre (HK$75,000), IDEAL (HK$75,000), TREATS (HK$150,000), Sailability Hong Kong (HK$200,000) and the Children’s Cancer Foundation (HK$500,000). A fitting conclusion to a fantastic effort by all involved.

* https://56f020cd-f74c-423a-9849-7e0d3945c5a6.filesusr.com/ugd/e5a74a_c6bd7aca77614774bb750222beba24b0.pdf

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