Absolute 58 Fly

A hot, August day and a need to get out on the water, wind through the hair and a feeling of open space. Bring on the Absolute 58 Fly, a perfect combination of comfort and performance.

Out through Marina Cove’s green traffic light, and a turn to the right, headed for Port Shelter. Sparkle on the sea ahead. But wait. Something’s missing. Did we leave the engines behind?

“No,” said Thomas Woo, Absolute’s man in Hong Kong. “The IPS-800 power systems through pod drives and the celebrated Absolute hull design ensure silent movement. Oh, and the 175T ARG gyroscopic stabilisers are switched on . . . that’s probably why you haven’t noticed the boat’s sound or movement!”

The hull, by the way, could easily be called a hybrid. The boat can plane and has the sea keeping qualities of Absolute’s Navetta range. The new bow shape has allowed the smaller cabins to be moved forward and this provides better weight distribution.

“The 58 Fly handles the waves softly,” said Thomas. “One of our captains has said it
is easier to handle than Absolute’s 65.”

There are already two of the 58 Fly in Hong Kong — one in Gold Coast, the other in Marina Cove. Another two are coming, one will arrive for the Marina Cove boat show early December.

Going back to the hull, the big advantage is better fuel consumption. Thomas says the 58 Fly consumes 6.8 litres per nautical mile. By comparison, the 65 consumes 8 litres
and the 55, 6.5 litres per nautical mile. “I don’t know how the designers did it
but they’ve come up with a good hull and an amazing balance.

“The vertical bow is certainly in fashion. It amounts to functionality over just looks. What’s more, the 58 Fly can cruise at 27 knots, and top out at 32.”

Down below, the boat features two big cabins and one guest room with two bunks. The enormous saloon incorporates a galley and, if you want our opinion, this boat is about
entertaining — lots of space for big parties. Take a look at the pic above.

There are three washrooms (and another for the crew). Quite unusual, but, if you think about it, these little facilities are heavily used on any boat that caters for lots of people. So, why not meet demand with supply?

The hull colour is described by the yard as ‘cappuccino’ although, Thomas, who is aware of the likes of his local market, calls it ‘milk tea’. “You can order different hull colours. The two new orders will be white and I tend to promote this choice.”

An Onan generator drives a comprehensive airconditioning system and there is a bowthruster for close quarters manoeuvring. Another nice little touch is the digital anchor, which means the boat will stay in position once a GPS fix is secured.

All up, sail away price is around HK$13 million and Thomas is available for a demonstration — 9383 3333.

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