Boxing Day Treasure Hunt

If you were looking for snow then there was no need to venture to the US or UK for the extreme conditions experienced there on Boxing Day the 26th December 2022. Instead, all you needed to do was sign-up for the Hebe Haven Yacht Club’ s Boxing Day Fun Cruise & Treasure Hunt 2022.

Conditions were glorious with blue skies and an 8- to 10-knot easterly when the boats headed out from Hebe Haven into Port Shelter in their own time for what is intended as a fun cruise and treasure hunt, organized in conjunction with the Cruising Sailors of Hebe.

Given the co-ordinates of the first mark, off Trio Beach, there they found a letter of a four letter word, together with the co-ordinates of the next mark off the northwest shore of Shelter Island.

There they would find another letter and co-ordinates to the third mark and another letter near Cascade Bay. From that point they were directed to the fourth mark, through choppy seas off the bottom of Jinn Island, to the last mark – and final letter – north of Bay Islet.

It was then into a finish line at the entrance to Leung Shuen Wan, before anchoring and heading ashore for a long lunch and prize-giving at High Island (Yau Ley) Seafood Restaurant. Fortunately, or unfortunately, no one actually found SNOW as the letter ‘N’ had gone missing from the second mark off Shelter Island!

The instructions indicated that the finish would be between 1230 and 1300 at High Island, however, given the conditions, five of the official eight entries, or nine if you include Sarah, which tagged along for  fun, arrived before 1230 and could not resist the temptation of seafood and drinks, so recorded a DNF. First of these was Jannati, 2nd Wooligan, 3rd Baring Asia 2, 4th Dragonfly and 5th Happy King.

With the blue flag hoisted on Hebe One, therace officer, Chris Howarth, opened the finish line at 1230 with his assistant, Arick Chan, recording the catamaran Abiders, which appeared to have sailed all the way, with line honours at 1240. The J/80, Jelik 6, also sailed across the line in 2nd place with Sousa Moi 3rd, followed by the unregistered Sarah.

Meanwhile, the guests on Hebe One, who joined the cruise, were dispatched to the restaurant.

Once ashore the crews and guests tucked into the delicious seafood, washed down with various libations.

In addition to the award for first boat across the finish line, five other awards were made. The first was for best result in the 20-question quiz. Hebe One and Jannita tied on 12 points with the tie breaker in favour of Hebe One. The next award was for re-writing a Christmas carol and singing it before the presentations. Happy King came 4th while Sousa Moi’s version of ‘Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ was adapted to suit Kismet the dog who joined in with the choralists. Again, it was close between Dragonfly  which took the prize despite Jannita’s wonderful version of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ adapted to ‘The 12 days of Covid-19’. Fortunately, they stopped after the sixth day.
Ensuring the awards were fairly distributed amongst the participants, Happy King received the award for Best Dressed Boat while Jannita received the Best Dressed Crew award.

The final award was for Best Dressed Fender in the Festive Theme. The three entries were from Jannita, Dragonfly and Sousa Moi, the last two both highly commended, with Sousa Moi’s ‘Offending Fender’ claiming the honours.

With the awards and lunch over, the crews re-embarked on their vessels with some reconvening back at Hebe Haven Yacht Club for further libations, where two committee members agreed it was a wonderful  day on the water particularly in promoting good fellowship and club spirit.

Suggestions for next year include perhaps adding a powerboat class and extending invitations to the other clubs.

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