Clean regatta award

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club has announced that its Nations’ Cup 2020 has been awarded Silver Level Clean Regatta certification by Sailors for the Sea.
Clean Regatta is a certification programme administered by Sailors for the Sea, a nonprofit organisation that educates and empowers boaters to protect and restore our oceans and coastal waters. The RHKYC believes it has an obligation and responsibility to operate in a sustainable manner. By supporting the proper recycling of paper, glass, metal and plastic, participants contributed towards the club’s goal of achieving Clean Regatta certification for all sailing and rowing events going forward.

Previously, the club’s Hong Kong Race Week and Boase Cohen & Collins Inter-School Sailing Festival, both sailed out of Middle Island, were awarded the Gold level Clean Regatta certification for two years and this new award for the Nations’ Cup is the first certification for a regatta at Kellett Island from Sailors for the Sea.

Photos RHKYC / Guy Nowell

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