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As I write, the Cruiser Owners’ Association is preparing for its Annual General Meeting and Prize Giving, for the Annual Series for 2017, and as it will have passed by the time this comes to publication, we can confirm that the winners of 2017 Championship Series were :

HKPN Fleet : 1st – Simplicity (Sunny Chai); 2nd – GA
(Arthur Ho); 3rd – Golden Delight (Fred Lung)

IRC Fleet : 1st – Andiamo (John Woo); 2nd – Ding Dong
(Thomas Wong); 3rd – Lady Butterfly (JC Broyelle)

Bavaria Cup : Simplicity (Sunny Chai)

Beneteau Cup : Lady Butterfly (JC Broyelle)

Jeanneau Cup : Ding Dong (Thomas Wong)

Last year was certainly a year of change for the COA, as we diversified further to cover the wishes and suggestions of membership, in having more events that allowed an element of sailing and an element of social get-togethers. Not least of these was a successful ‘Summer’ Commodores’ Cup. In that event, as in all of our activities, for more than 20 years, we encouraged members to add a charitable donation to their entry fees, for the various events. These important donations have accumulated and during 2017, the COA was able to donate, on behalf of our members, the following gifts:

1 Child Welfare Scheme HK$5,450

2 Children’s Cancer Foundation HK$2,430

3 TREATS HK$4,260

The Council would like to thank all members who contributed. We will work tirelessly to continue with these charitable gifts, in the future.

One sad note: we were unable to run the later Macau Race in 2017 and, for the first time in our 50-year history, even after the successful 50th Anniversary Chinese New Year Macau Race in 2017, we were not able to hold one in 2018. The pontoon berths in Macau were not repaired following the carnage of Typhoon Hato. Further, we decided not to have an alternative event, as most members we spoke to said that it should be “Macau or nothing” for Chinese New Year! The Council is hoping to organise a ‘Return of the Macau Race later in 2018.

Another more pleasing development is that there has been a rise in membership, assisted partly by our participation in the Volvo Ocean Race activities at Kai Tak and having a booth under the auspices of HKSF. We are looking forward to increasing the membership still further, by participating in the 2nd Fragrant Harbour Maritime Festival on the 4th, 5th and 6th of May at Pier 8 in Central, next to the Maritime Museum. So, happy cruising to you all and look forward to seeing you out there — check out the calendar of events on our website:

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