DBMC now Lantau Yacht Club

Hong Kong Resort Co Ltd has announced a new name and new phase for Discovery Bay Marina Club (DBMC). The club’s marina is currently under renovation and, when re-opened, will be named Lantau Yacht Club (LYC). Rudy Puystjens has been appointed marina director and he will be overseeing the renovations and day-to-day operations.

“Hong Kong is one of the biggest boating centres in Asia, perfect for cruising with its beautiful coastline and outlying islands, reliable transport and services, and a dynamic East-meets-West culture. We believe in the development of Hong Kong’s maritime economy,” said Victor Cha, deputy chairman and managing director of HKR International Ltd (HKRI) a shareholder of the developer and operator.

“The marina at Lantau Yacht Club is designed to meet the needs of the yachting community and the increasing number of super yachts, which would be a first in Hong Kong. It will offer berthing space for local owners and will attract super yachts from around the world, making our city a preferred destination in the region.”

The previous marina closed in early 2019 and renovation is now underway. A re-opening is scheduled in the second half of 2020. The clubhouse will also be refurbished to provide quality facilities and amenities and the marina will boast berths for vessels up to 100 metres (approximately 328 feet).

The LYC logo encapsulates Lantau’s transition from traditional fishing villages to a modern super yacht destination. The relaxed, flowing Chinese brush strokes, fins and blue gradients capture the heritage and understated elegance of the new private club, while the clean lines and outline of an ultra-luxury yacht showcase the evolution of Hong Kong’s most exclusive and modern yacht club.

“As Lantau Yacht Club embarks on a new journey, we are delighted to have Rudy Puystjens joining us. Rudy has a stellar track record in enhancing customer satisfaction, efficiency and profitability in premium yacht clubs and his wealth of experience and expertise will be a great asset to our new world-class marina in Discovery Bay,” said Cha.

Puystjens has over 30 years’ experience in the yachting and hospitality industry in areas of development, management and operations of marinas and resorts, working in 5-star properties around the world including premium yacht clubs in Doha-Qatar, Dubai and Belgium. Before joining Lantau Yacht Club Hong Kong, he was marina manager of 1° 15 Marina Club in Singapore. He is one the few certified marina managers in Asia and a lecturer for the Marina Industries Association. He is also a Whitbread round-the-world sailor, so he comes with a fine pedigree.

Located on the northeast side of Lantau Island, LYC is one of the four premium membership clubs in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong’s renowned international residential community and a unique leisure destination developed by Hong Kong Resort Co Ltd. The Club first started operations in 1989 as the Discovery Bay Marina Club.

For more information visit www.lantauyachtclub

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