HKSF SHK / Scallywag Development Programme

In late January, Charlie Manzoni, vice president of the HKSF, gave this speech at the Volvo Ocean Race Village at Kai Tak:

“This is our moment, as the sailing community, to say thank you to all of those who have worked so hard to bring this great event (Volvo Ocean Race 2018) to Hong Kong. First and foremost I must, of course, give enormous thanks to the Government of Hong Kong for its never-ending support and detailed involvement in the planning of the Hong Kong stop-over. Without the Government’s assistance this simply would not have been possible.

But there are many others too. Our sponsors who have been so kind and generous, our delivery partners, who have been so patient and persistent, those that organise the race, who have been so helpful in building the village and promoting the stop-over. Our volunteers and community, who will bring the village alive with fun and atmosphere over the next 10 days. All have played a huge part in helping us get this off the ground, and we are truly grateful to you all. Thank you.

I should also thank the sailors, who spend seven months of their lives on dried food and intolerable conditions, so that we can live vicariously on their adventures.

I am particularly excited to see that the Scallywags (left) are living up to the Hong Kong tradition of capitalising on opportunity, and are currently winning the leg — lets hope that lasts for the next few days into Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is an amazing place. It has an iconic built environment that the world recognises instantly. But perhaps one of its best kept secrets is its beautiful natural environment. Approximately 75% of Hong Kong is open countryside. We have beautiful mountains, hiking trails through lush forests, and we are surrounded by ocean.

Sailing teaches us to respect and sustain that environment. At the same time it develops strong resilience, endurance and teamwork, amidst the natural environment that we so cherish. We should be teaching our children to engage fully with the opportunities that sailing presents in this respect. To do that we need a programme of education and development aimed at a broad spectrum of society.

To that end I am delighted to announce the
HKSF SHK/Scallywag Development Programme.

It is a programme which, if fully funded, will provide 9,000 days of free education and sailing to less advantaged children from Hong Kong. That includes teaching them to swim, if they have not had the luxury of learning to do so before.

It is designed to be a long-term, and sustainable programme that will ultimately build a city of sailors who are environmentally aware and who can take the life skills they have learned as part of the programme back into the broader community.

We need to fund that programme. Sun Hung Kai, Lee Seng Huang and the Scallywag programme, have generously promised a dollar for dollar match for every dollar we can raise. I hope that during the course of the next few days many of you will feel able to join the federation, and support this goal.

But meanwhile, I say thank you once again, to all those who have helped us arrive at this point. I hope that our stop-over meets, and exceeds, your expectations.

香港帆船運動總會新鴻基/ Scallywag發展計劃 香港帆船運動總會 (HKSF)謹此宣佈HKSF新鴻
基/Scallywag發展計劃,以讓成長在不同環境下的本地青少 年都有機會參與有帆船運動的訓練。

帆總的副會長 Charlie Manzoni在Volvo Ocean Race香港賽事分站之接待會提及了此項計劃。他認為我們應珍視香 港擁有大面積山脈且四面環海的自然環境,因為它令我們能 透過帆船在當中訓練出耐力和團隊精神,而我們應有一個計 劃,將這些獨特而寶貴的知識傳導予孩子們。

他指出倘若資金充足,該計劃將能提供9,000天的免費教育和航海知識予來自香港的弱勢青少 年,當中包括教他們游泳,假如他們沒有機會 學習。

我們的目標為將其發展成一個長遠且可持續的 計劃,最終培養出一群具環保意識的航海員,並將 他們從中所學應用於香港各個社區。

為此,我們需要基金讓此計劃順利推行。本會 很高興得到新鴻基李先生慷慨的支持,承諾將我們 籌到的數字,以相應的資金贊助,即是以一比一的 形式捐助予HKSF新鴻基/Scallywag發展計劃。



Expressions of interest      Potential sponsors interested in participating in the development program are hereby invited to provide an EOI to HKSF (


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