From MHQ to 1881 Heritage to House 1881

House 1881, the historic former Marine Police Headquarters in Tsim Sha Tsui, is now open to the public after an(other) transformation. Comprising five restaurants and bars as well as a boutique hotel, House 1881 shelters guests from the clatter and clamour of the surrounding streets. The manicured gardens, colonial architecture and elegant gardens are there to be enjoyed.

Insurance company, FWD, leased the hotel located in 1881 Heritage in January this year. As part of its commitment, FWD will present a 3-D light extravaganza called Our Harbour Our Stories to run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as public holidays at 2030.

FWD Group chairman, Ronald Arculli, said: “The former Marine Police Headquarters is one of our city’s most timeless and famous landmarks. FWD understands the rare privilege we have in preserving this historic site for the community and for future generations.  As one of only 120 declared monuments in Hong Kong, our mission is to showcase House 1881’s historic value, enduring legacy and its unique charm to both locals and overseas visitors alike.”

Whether through their design or menu concept, each of the five dining outlets pay tribute to House 1881’s colonial-era history. Fortune Villa is a Cantonese restaurant, Stable Steak House is for steak connoisseurs, the Stable Bar is for drinks and cocktails, the Café Parlour is an all-day eatery and the Sergeant’s Bar (formerly a watering hole for marine policemen) serves craft beers, themed cocktails and bar snacks, including the ‘best fish and chips in town’.­

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