Red = Simple Massing of 20m clear height bridge (ignoring structure)
Green = 1:20 ramp for 20m clear height bridge
Pink = 1:12 ramp 20m clear height bridge


Kwun Tong bridge proposal

Lawrence Chow, chair of the Hong Kong Boating Industry Association, has responded to the findings and recommendations of the feasibility study LC Paper No. CB(1)447/20-21(05) – Environmentally Friendly Linkage System of Kowloon East. He writes to Lo Wai-kwok:

The Hong Kong Boating Industry Association (HKBIA) objects to the construction of a ‘600-metre-long pedestrian-cum-cyclist bridge with ‘travellators’ across Kwun Tong Typhoon Shelter’.

Such a bridge would have to be tall enough for boats to pass under otherwise it would be in breach of the Protection of the Harbour Ordinance as boats would not be able to use a large part of the typhoon shelter needed for safe anchorage during inclement weather.

In the event that this cyclist bridge is built high enough for boats to cross under – say 20 metres – 400 metres of the bridge would need to be a 1:20 ramp taking up more than two thirds of the total bridge length (excluding landings).

Therefore, a bridge that is compliant with the Protection of the Harbour Ordinance may not be an accessible pedestrian & cyclist bridge. The sheer size of the bridge would make it out of place in the middle of the typhoon shelter.

Therefore, we would like to propose an electric ferry network to connect Ngau Tau Kok to Kai Tak instead of a bridge. A ferry link is ideal: it celebrates Hong Kong’s strong maritime culture and embraces what makes Hong Kong unique – a city that has close ties with the water.

Throughout our history, water transportation has been fundamental for our wealth and prosperity – from sampans to the Star Ferry and, perhaps in the not-too-distant future, the Electric Ferry in Kwun Tong Typhoon Shelter.

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