Ladies Helm Day

Held, in the past, a few days before International Women’s Day, this year’s Ladies Helm was postponed to the 29th of May 2022 due to the pandemic situation. Fifty-four ‘lady helms’ competed in the waters of Victoria Harbour across a fleet comprising of nine classes including Big Boats, Dragons, Etchells, Flying Fifteens, Impalas, J-80s, Pandoras, Ruffians and Sportsboats.

Each class was set two races. The first race of the day started in a mild south-westerly breeze under a clear, blue sky. The long course fleets (Big Boats, J-80s, Sportsboats, Etchells and Impalas) were sent on southerly courses which sailed 2 to 2.5 laps between Tin Hau and Kowloon Bay while all the short course boats sailed 1 to 1.5 laps between Tin Hau and Kowloon Bay.

Unfortunately, the wind dropped significantly at the end of the starting sequence and the fleets parked up at North Point and Hung Hom under baking sun, leading the race officer, Dave Norton, to shorten course at Kowloon Bay.

The wind completely died during the starting sequence for Race 2 and, when the RO announced “No more racing, please go home and find your way to the Main Bar”, he received rapturous applause from the sailors.  Said Norton of the racing “There were challenging conditions today with a huge tide. We started in 6-8 knots with gust up to 12 knots, but it was very patchy and very light around PWD, so it was a real challenging race. It would have been a lot easier if the wind was more stable.”

The youngest helm in the race was 7-year-old Optimist sailor, Alix Nguyen, doing her first yacht race on the Dragon, Zephyr, with her father, Tam. Ahead of racing Alix said "Dad, you are listening to me today" to which he replied "yes, just today"! Alix went on to take 2nd place in the Dragon fleet.

Alix’s sister Margaux also took second place in last year’s Ladies Helm in the Dragon fleet. Proud father, Tam, is keen on supporting both daughters in sailing. “I want them to try something other than Optimist sailing, show them it’s exciting to sail with a spinnaker and a crew. Next year I hope both daughters race on a Dragon together.”

Congratulations to all the ‘lady’ helms taking part in the race with particular mention of the winning helms – Tina Yu and Emily Randall on Alpha+ taking the Big Boats, Jessica Chan, Davinloong, in the Dragons, Bo Lee, Racer X2, for the Etchells, Edith Fernandez, Niffty, for the Flying Fifteens, Myra Kwok, Rainbow Chaser, on the Impalas, Kandice Ng, Footloose for J-80s, Yan Law, Pasisana, for the Pandoras, Bonnie Cheng, Victory 9, for the Ruffians and Kit Tong, Phoenix for the Sportsboats.


                                                                                            Photos by RHKYC / Guy Nowell

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