Lipton Trophy

The second constituent event of the Top Dog Trophy Series 2022-2023 – the One Global Lipton Trophy – took place on Saturday, the 26th of November, with an average of 5 knots of easterly breeze being bestowed upon Victoria Harbour.  

The regular race officer team of Gareth & Di Williams opted for a Hung Hom start and elected to set the fleet to sail 2.5 loops between Hung Hom and Tai Koo Shing. Pursuit races work on each boat or class of boats being given a different start time based on their handicap which, in a perfect race, would result in all boats finishing at around the same target time of 1630.

Luckily the rain stopped before racing got underway. The Pandoras were the first away at 1400 and the last boat to start was the TP52, Phoenix, at 1514. A total of 62 boats started the race at staggered start times set according to their RHKATI ratings.

As the day progressed, the wind built up to an occasional 9 knots with blue sky briefly showing at the end of the day. RO Williams shortened the course at Tai Koo Shing; exceptionally close to the target finish time.

Congratulations to the Pandora, Windfall, which held off the faster classes until the final gun, crossing the finishing line at 16:30:52 with its crew sailors jumping up and down with joy. Impala 1 crossed in 2nd just 37 seconds behind and Impala, Gnu, took 3rd place. It was a great day for the Pandora and Impala fleets with boats from these two classes taking the top 10 places of the day.

The One Global Lipton Trophy is the second of four events that make up the Top Dog Trophy Series 2022-23. The first event was last weekend’s Round the Island Race and the next two pursuit races are the HKRNVR Memorial Vase (7.Jan.23) and the Tomes Cup (29.Apr.23).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - photos Guy Nowell / RHKYC

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