Pacifico Voyager 99

Pacifico Voyager 99 A presentation of the Pacifico Voyager 99 (pictured right) was held at the Seven Feet Yacht Club (Vladivostok) mid last year and guests were invited to review this luxury catamaran. Albert Nazarov of Albatross Marine Design Bureau, Thailand, designed the vessel which was built by Composite Shipbuilding under the Pacifico Yachts name brand.

According to Nazarov, the catamaran’s design places function over unnecessary trends. The accepted forms exclude compromises regarding seaworthiness and safety, and they do not become obsolete. The same can be attributed to the layout. This includes a cabin with glazing around the perimeter, a foredeck enclosed with a high railing, a cockpit on the stern and cabins in the hulls.

There is a soft corner sofa, a dining table (it forms one more berth with a sofa in the lower position) and a galley block (a refrigerator, a gas stove and a sink) in the cabin. A gathering of eight people can easily be accommodated here. The steering console forward, with a single captain’s chair, is well equipped: it includes the Axiom 9 RV (9”) multifunctional navigation display with an information output from the Quantum Q24C radar and an echo sounder, as well as the Ray52 VHF radio transceiver (all the equipment carries the Raymarine trade mark).

The cockpit is made similar to the cabin and forms a single, functional area when the door is open; a soft sofa is placed on the transom. It is easy to go from here to the stern, to a small platform to swim or check the outboard engines. And you can equip the ‘solarium’ on the roof of the cabin.

When inside the hulls, you realize that the boat has a lot of usable space. There is a forward cabin with a double bed in the starboard hull, and there is a single cabin with a bathroom and a shower in the stern of the port hull. There is plenty of space and headroom of 2 metres. That’s a lot! In total, four adults and the same number of children can spend a comfortable night on board.

In addition to comfortable accommodations, the boat is full of technical facilities, storerooms and lockers, which are invaluable for swimming, diving and other water sports. These facilities are situated in both hulls, foredeck and cockpit.

The durability of the hulls is an important feature. According to Albert Nazarov, the project is based on the experience of
operating the Albatross Marine Design Bureau for fishing and family trips, as well as for servicing sailing regatta competitions, which sometimes take place in tough conditions. Structurally, the chunky hull is a composite sandwich on an epoxy binder: the outer layer is fibreglass under the gelcoat; the middle layer is PVC; and the inner layer is carbonfibre. Such a combination gives good weight and strength properties.

Seaworthiness is another indisputable strength of this catamaran. This is indicated by the assigned ‘B’ category of
the Recreational Craft Directive, CE, according to which the ship is allowed to navigate at a wavelength of up to 4 metres and wind speeds of up to 21 metres per second, as well as the one-compartment resistance to flooding provided by the project and supported by the filling of the forebody with foamy material (that provides safety in the event of
collision or grounding).

The speed of the vessel is also impressive. With two outboard engines fitted (with a combined power of between 280 to 600hp), Pacifico’s Voyager 99 develops, can reach up to 40 knots. A comfortable cruising speed is around 23 and 25
knots. As initial sea trials revealed, the hulls with their sharp stems reassuringly pass close to waves and swells. The high ‘bridge’ between them is not washed out, and the ride is smooth — very important when using the boat for pleasure purposes. This bridge can even create partial aerodynamic unloading on smooth water, which increases speed.

Such a vessel is perfect for marine recreation in coastal areas, rivers and lakes. For a family, if you are intending to sleep overnight, or even planning entertainment (a harbour cruise) for up to 12 people, the Voyager 99 is perfect.

This versatile catamaran is sure to be in demand as a service vessel, where its high stability, ability to navigate in coastal chop and shallow draft for entering coves and inlets, will make it indispensable.

It is worth noting that the Pacifico 99 Sport Fisher modification has a load capacity of 3.5 tons. It has a chair in
the cockpit with a foot support — fishing from this boat can be a lot of fun. The length of the Voyager 99 is 9.9 metres,
the beam is 3.62 metres and the draft is an economic 0.57 metres.

Pacifico Yachts was set up in 2002 and has built GRP workboats, commercial craft and now has a line of six pleasure vessels — Adventure 72, Voyager 99, Voyager 117, Cruise 120, Voyager 120 and Voyager 199. The company has a healthy market in Russia and has secured customers in Britain and South Korea. Pricing is very competitive and for more information you can call +7 (423) 202-52-21, email sales@ or visit

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