Port Shelter Regatta & Typhoon Series

The second Covid-19 wave caused the postponement of Races 5, 6 & 7 in the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series. However, a relaxation of restrictions meant that these races were held on the 26th & 27th of September 2020, piggy-backing on the Port Shelter Regatta 2020. Races 8 & 9 were, sadly, cancelled.

On Saturday the 26th, race officer Barry Truhol opted for Course #66 for IRC A & B and #102 for the rest, providing a reasonable balance of reaching, running and close-hauled sailing for the 49 boats on the water, given the anticipated 14-knot easterly. Conditions were overcast as the 220-metre start line and windward mark were laid inside Port Shelter.

First off at 1400 were the combined IRC A fleet of five, all competing in both the Regatta and Typhoon Series, along with seven IRC B boats, five of which were only doing the Regatta.

Eight IRC C boats and seven Sportsboats followed in the next start, all of which were competing in both events. The GP26, Havoc, was a late starter but was hindered by a stray J-80, Jive, on the line.

Meanwhile the breeze shifted to 108 degrees, and was oscillating between 11 and 14 knots.

At 1410 the combined start of the eight HKPN A boats, seven of which were in the Regatta, along with four J-80s of which two were in the Regatta.

The final start saw 10 HKPN B boats set sail, of which eight were also in the Regatta. In a particularly risky move, Foxzhead barged into the line of boats approaching the committee vessel, interfering with Raptor, which ultimately chose not to protest. 

Meanwhile, Bad Idea Bears on Full Tilt in IRC B were late to arrive and subsequently retired along with Kiasu!

Not surprisingly the TP52, Alpha+, flew around the figure of eight course which took in Bluff and Table Islands and finished at Little Palm Beach. Alpha+ took line and handicap honours in both Race 1 of the Port Shelter Regatta and Race 5 of the Typhoon Series.  Blue Bunny and Ambush finished 2nd and 3rd on corrected in both.

Daydream took line honours in IRC B dropping to 2nd on handicap behind Rampage in both events with Kingsman 3rd in the Regatta and Juggerknot 3rd in the Typhoon Series.

The rest of the fleet were on Course #102 and, after rounding the Club Mark, passed Bluff, Basalt and Table Islands to starboard before finishing at Little Palm Beach.

Dexter II took line honours in IRC C, slipping to 2nd on handicap behind Calamansi in both, with Talkinghead 3rd in the Regatta and Blu 3rd in the Typhoon Series.

Despite its slow start, Havoc took line honours in Sportsboats but lost out to the VX One, FAB, with the Magic 25, Fly By Wire, 3rd in both events.

Jelik 7 claimed the honours in the Regatta ahead of Jazz-CN-Sailing Team. Footloose took the honours amongst the four J-80s contesting the Typhoon Series with Jive-Team Triton 2nd and Jelik 7- Hebe Dragons 3rd.

Most managed to cope with the one- to two-metre swells, although the Swan 53, Athena, saw its colourful kite disintegrate and almost lost crew overboard. Despite this, it still took line honours in HKPN A but finished 3rd on handicap in the Typhoon Series. Crossing the line 2nd, behind Athena, XT took line honours in Race 1 of the Regatta as well as handicap honours in both along with Amaze 2nd in both and LoTech 3rd in the Regatta.

Finally, Jibulai took line and handicap honours in HKPN B with La Vida Loca 2nd and Scrumpy 3rd in both events. It took a surprisingly patient race management team to await the finish of Ma Cherie 2e some 36 minutes after the penultimate boat.

Again, it was overcast when the committee vessel dropped anchor in Port Shelter on Sunday morning, for day two of the Port Shelter Regatta 2020 and the final day in the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2020.

The schedule was two geometric races for all classes. The windward mark A1 for IRC A, B, C and Sportsboats was set at a distance of 1.4nm and A2 for HKPN A, B and J-80s at 1.1nm, both at 90 degrees with offset marks.

Away on schedule, at noon, were the 10 boats in IRC A and B, with nine in the Regatta on three laps of the long course.
The second start followed involving 14 boats in IRC C and Sportsboats on two laps of the long course. Calamansi was over eager and obliged to restart.

The third start was for the 12 HKPN A boats and J-80s on three laps of the inner course. Jazz was over and thought they could exonerate themselves with a penalty turn, before being reminded by race management that they needed to restart.
Finally the eight boats in HKPN B got away on two laps of the shorter course. Lazy Piggy was off to a good start but then lost places after a slow tack.

Conditions proved challenging in the 11- to 15-knot breeze, gusting 20 plus.

Unfortunately, Ambush became entangled in a fishing net and was forced to retire. Meanwhile Alpha+ raced around the circuit, finishing seven minutes ahead of Zannekin.

Juggerknot in IRC B had a very close finish under kite with Daydream just managing to find enough room at the pin end to squeeze ahead by one second.

A second race followed on the same courses with IRC C and Sportsboats away first at 1335. IRC A and B followed 20 minutes later, but both Quest and Zannekin were caught on course side (OCS) and obliged to restart. HKPN A and the J-80s followed with HKPN B the final start at 1405.

Fortunately the breeze held, easing slightly at times but still gusting 18. This still resulted in carnage on the course with numerous broaches. Finishes were also close with seconds separating many, including Kingsman and Juggerknot in their second race.

In IRC A, Alpha+ won both geometric races as well as overall in the Port Shelter Regatta and Typhoon Series. Blue Bunny finished 2nd in both races as well as in the Regatta and the Series, while Zannekin finished 3rd in both races and 3rd in the Regatta losing out to Ambush for 3rd in the Typhoon Series.

Daydream in IRC B won both races as well as the Port Shelter Regatta and the Typhoon Series. Juggerknot finished 2nd in Race 6 and 3rd in Race 7 for 2nd overall in the Typhoon Series, while Rampage finished 3rd in Race 6 and 2nd in Race 7 for 4th overall in the Typhoon Series and 2nd in Races 2 and 3 and 2nd overall in the Regatta. Kingsman finished 3rd the Regatta and the Typhoon Series.

Dexter II in Race 6 and Blu in Race 7 of the Typhoon Series beat Calamansi with Dexter II taking the Series ahead of both Blu and Talkinghead. Dexter II beat Calamansi in Race 2 of the Regatta but positions were reversed in Race 3 giving Calamansi overall, with Dexter II 2nd and Talkinghead 3rd in IRC C.

The Magic 25, Gnarwhal, took line honours in the first race of the day for Sportsboats but lost out to FAB on handicap. FAB, flying around the course, won both line and handicap honours in the 2nd race to claim overall in the Port Shelter Regatta ahead of Havoc and Gnarwhal, whilst Havoc won overall in the Typhoon Series with FAB 2nd and Good Vibrations 3rd. 

Jazz won both Races 2 and 3 in the Port Shelter Regatta to take overall with Jelik 7 2nd. The J-80, Footloose, won both Races 6 and 7 as well as overall in the Typhoon Series with Jazz 2nd and Jive 3rd.

H3O won both races in HKPN A on Sunday in both the Port Shelter Regatta and Typhoon Series, beating XT in both. However, having retired on Saturday, it lost out to XT for overall in the Regatta with LoTech 3rd. Athena finished 2nd with Amaze 3rd in the Typhoon Series.

In HKPN B, Windseeker found wind to take line and handicap honours in both races in both events with Scrumpy also 2nd in both. This gave Windseeker overall in the Port Shelter Regatta with Scrumpy 2nd and La Vida Loca 3rd.

Scrumpy however won overall in the Typhoon Series with La Vida Loca 2nd and Windseeker 3rd.

At the end of the day, having been blessed with a relatively consistent breeze, and enjoying a refreshing sponsored San Miguel, Truhol was pleased with the positive feedback received from the competitors – 43 boats in the Port Shelter Regatta 2020, and altogether 50 of the 75 entries in the Typhoon Series 2020.

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