Summer Saturday Series 3

There was heavy cloud cover as the committee boat, Hebe One, dropped anchor near Cascade Bay in Port Shelter, in preparation for Day 2 – and Island Race 3 – of the Peroni Summer Saturday Series 2022, on Saturday, the 18th of June 2022.

The race officer, Rob Allen, opted for the 16-nautical-mile Course 76 for the IRC boats and the 12-nautical-mile Course 77 for HKPN and the Shelter Cove Dragons. A windward mark, to be rounded to port, was set at 200 degrees into the 10-knot south-southwester.

First off at 1400 were the four IRC boats with the TP52, Alpha Plus, best placed at the pin end, with the MAT 1245, Arcturus+, and the MC31, H3O, in hot pursuit. The veteran Holland 37, RB, brought up the rear and tacked on to port, heading for the windward mark, in an increasing breeze.
A competitive start followed five minutes later in 12 knots for the 10 HKPN boats, including three J/80s. Ricochet was given the benefit of the doubt as it led the fleet off the line. There was a lot of shouting near the committee boat as the J/80, Jelik 7, just managed to hold back to avoid being crushed by LoTech, while Lazy Piggy is pursuing a protest against J/80, Jelik 6, for an infringement at the start.

Five minutes later it was a much more sedate start for the eight Dragons, also in 12 knots. Elfje and Dragonfly ran along the start line and just managed to dip back before the horn resulting in a clear start for the fleet.

Lazy Piggy has also protested Ichiban for an incident at the windward mark. Ichiban’s crew, despite declaring their innocence, advised that they completed a penalty turn to exonerate themselves just in case!  

Having rounded the windward mark all fleets headed for Trio (p), followed by the Port Shelter Mark (p). The IRC boats then rounded Bluff (p) before heading back via the Ma Tsai Pai Mark (p) to Trio (p) and out to the Port Shelter Mark (p) for a second rounding, and into the finish at Cascade Bay via Table (s).

The HKPN and Dragon fleets omitted Bluff returning to Trio (p) after their first rounding of the Port Shelter Mark (p). At Trio, the fleet was only required to round the big island rather than all three, before heading back to the Port Shelter Mark (p) for a second time, followed by the Ma Tsai Pai Mark (p), Table (s) and also finishing at Cascade Bay.

The breeze remained relatively constant at around 10 knots and the sun attempted to break through . . . and failed miserably. 

Alpha Plus led from start to finish to take line and handicap honours in IRC, but only just managed to beat Arcturus+ on handicap by one minute. H3O finished 3rd with RB 4th.

The biggest surprise of the day was saved for the prize-giving when the Dufour 31, Mystique, despite finishing last, was declared the winner in HKPN, beating the Beneteau Oceanis 40, LoTech by just 23 seconds. The skipper and crew were ecstatic, particularly as they sailed without a spinnaker, but obviously benefitted with their 1659 PN rating.

Helmuth Aberer’s J/80, Jazz, clinched 3rd, just 39 seconds behind LoTech on handicap. Bits & Pieces claimed line honours but was relegated to 5th on handicap.

Elfje held a four-minute lead to take the honours amongst the Dragons,with Mei Fei 2nd and Dragonfly 3rd. Only six seconds separated Phyloong 6th and Arrow 7th.

Sponsored Peroni and French fries were on offer back at the Hebe Haven Yacht Club’s Garden Bar where performances were analysed in detail in the hope, in most cases, for improvement in the remaining three days of racing in the Series.

The results remain provisional pending the outcome of the protests scheduled for Wednesday the 22nd of June 2022.

The Peroni Summer Saturday Series 2022 resumes with Day 3 on Saturday the 2nd of July 2022 with geometric Races 4 & 5.

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