Summer Saturday Series 7 & 8

The last two races of the Peroni Summer Saturday Series 2021 were held on Saturday, the 31st of July 2021. Rain and thunderstorms were forecast but conditions on the day proved better than expected with just one brief shower as the fleet assembled in Port Shelter. There an 8- to 14-knot southwesterly was oscillating between 200 and 240 degrees.

The race officer, Rob Allen, assisted by Eric Tomter, opted for two laps of Course 6 for everyone with a windward mark for IRC and Sportsboats at 0.8nm and an inner mark at 0.6nm for HKPN, the J-80s and Dragons, both at approximately 225 degrees. A leeward gate was laid along with a 200-metre start line.

First off on schedule at 1400 were the seven IRC boats with Goddess, Kiasu! and Outrageous leading off the line. Ten HKPN boats and two Sportsboats followed five minutes later with Bits & Pieces and LoTech best placed from the HKPN fleet, along with It’s My Pleasure. No One Else brought up the rear.

A change in the starting sequence saw the five J-80s join the seven Dragons for the third start at 1410. Mei Fei and Dragonfly led off the line along with the, J-80 Mozzie. Approaching the line on port, Fei Chi caused some congestion, briefly obstructing Elfje, before tacking on to starboard.

Outrageous and H3O, in IRC, led the first approach to the leeward gate but Outrageous, having rounded, struggled to retrieve its spinnaker.

Ichiban and Bucephalus, in HKPN, rounded the gate but left no room for Amaze. Mystique brought up the rear in HKPN but, realizing it could not make the cut-off, retired. Starting procedures for Race 8 began immediately.

Meanwhile, Bits & Pieces had spotted a discarded fishing net near the gate. The two mark boats were deployed to remove the obstacle (and liberate an eel ensnared in the netting).

Race 8 again started with IRC in a 12.2-knot breeze from 195 degrees. HKPN and the two Sportsboats followed with the breeze having swung to 216 degrees. In 9.1 knots, Bucephalus led off the line chased by Ichiban and It’s My Pleasure.

By the final start, the breeze had eased to 7.3 knots with the J-80s Baring Asia 1, Baring Asia 2 and Mozzie closely bunched at the committee boat end, along with two Dragons, Eaux Vives and Elfje, leaving the rest of the fleet some way behind.

At the first rounding, Kiasu! led IRC through the leeward gate with H3O and Outrageous again together through the gate. On the upwind leg Outrageous experienced halyard problems and watched as the competition overtook. Moll failed to sail the course by not passing through the gate correctly.

In HKPN, Bits & Pieces was followed by Ricochet whose improved performance – particularly upwind – is, according to owner Julie Mackenzie, due to better trimming of the main with the traveller.

Unfortunately during the first downwind leg, in the process of gybing, new crew member Jacqueline on Shiva was knocked overboard, rescued by a mark boat and deposited on Hebe One. Despite a bruised cheek she was remarkably cheerful and keen to race again. Shiva retired.

Ichiban experienced problems with its spinnaker on the final downwind leg with the skipper summarising the day as “Could do better!”
In IRC Race 7, H3O took line honours to finish 3rd on handicap with Arcturus 1st and Moll 2nd. In Race 8, Vixen took line honours for 2nd on handicap, with Goddess 1st and Kiasu! 3rd.

It’s My Pleasure claimed victory in both Sportsboats’ races with No Rush still without a rating.

Mozzie took line and handicap honours in the J-80 Class followed by Baring Asia 2 and Baring Asia 1 in Race 7 while Baring Asia 2 claimed the honours in Race 8 followed by Baring Asa 1 and Jazz. A protest (which has still to be heard), has been lodged by 4th-placed Mozzie against Baring Asia 1.

Bits & Pieces took line honours in both HKPN races but lost out to Lazy Piggy in Race 7 with Ichiban 3rd beaten by Bits & Pieces by 1 second on corrected. Lazy Piggy again finished on top of the pack in Race 8 with Amaze 2nd and LoTech 3rd. The Dufour 31, Mystique, finally managed to finish a race with much celebration amongst the crew and the race management team.

In the Dragon Class, Dragonfly won Race 7 ahead of Eaux Vives while Elfje placed 3rd. Eaux Vives won Race 8 with Dragonfly 2nd and Mei Fei 3rd.

With Race 3 cancelled, having initially been postponed due a lack of wind, the Series concluded with seven of the scheduled eight races completed.

Goddess claimed the series honours in IRC with Arcturus 2nd and H3O 3rd.

It’s My Pleasure won the Sportsboat Class series ahead of Good Vibrations and No Rush.

Team Pak Kong Au on Baring Asia 2 took the J-80 series with Mozzie 2nd and (provisionally) Eliza Yeung’s Baring Asia 1 3rd with Jazz and Jive 4th and 5th.

Relatively consistent sailing paid off for Bucephalus, which took the HKPN series honours, by 1 point, ahead of Ricochet with AmaZe just two points behind in 3rd.

Dragonfly claimed victory in the Dragon Class Series, finishing just two points ahead of Eau Vives with Minion 3rd.

Unfortunately social distancing restrictions again prevented holding an awards function. Still, many of the crew from the 33 boats on the water, out of the 40 entered for the series, were still able to enjoy a sponsored Peroni beer, or two, back at the Garden Bar, in celebration of an enjoyable series.

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