Super Air Nautique GS20

This 20-foot towboat is a gem. Apart from its sexy looks, the Super Air Nautique GS20 performs like no other for its purpose. That’s what we were told, and that’s what we got.

The boat was in Marina Cove and, together with staff and a rider from Asia Yachting (the agent), we fired up the inboard and set off. The plan was to ride off HKUST but, powering out into Port Shelter, it was decided to go left of Shelter Island. More space there, and calmer water.

We had our wakesurf rider briefed and in the water in no time, and away he went for a photo session. The GS20 was thrown around and gave us a spectacular show.

The GS20 is one of the most versatile towboats in the business. If you want to pull a skier through a slalom course in the morning, take a wakeboard set at lunch and finish the day with a wakesurf session, the GS20 can do all that with ease.

The boat comes standard with a PCM ZR4 engine. You can upgrade to the PCM and GM Marine Engine Technology 5.3L H5 direct-injection power-pack and, if that isn’t enough, opt for the H6DI version and bump up from 5.3L to 6.2L with even more power, torque and precision.

For the 2018 model year, the Super Air Nautique GS20 is boasting a brand-new JL Audio MM100s head unit that delivers crisp, clear sound into the JL Audio speakers. This boat comes standard with the MX Series package, which includes four JL Audio speakers throughout the boat and a two-channel JL Audio amplifier. Move up to the MX Series Studio Premier package that adds two additional speakers, a 10” subwoofer and steps up to a 6-channel JL Audio amp.

The Super Air Nautique GS20 hull optimizes the way the wake is formed so that you can wakesurf, wakeboard or waterski with ease. Further, the Nautique Surf System with Waveplate technology is integrated into the hull. Engaging on either side of the transom at surf speeds, the Waveplate extends outward and down from the transom to redirect the flow of water forming the perfect wave. NSS allows surfers to switch sides instantly without the need to change up ballast or shift people in the boat, and it also incorporates variable settings that can adjust the steepness and shape of your wave.

The length of the GS20 is 20 feet but, if you include the platform aft, it measures 22 feet and 1 inch. Find out more by contacting Asia Yachting. Tel: 2580 8650 or Web:

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