Typhoon 2 and 25th Anniversary Cup, HHYC

The third and final race of the 25th Anniversary Sailing Cup was hosted by the Hebe Haven Yacht Club on Saturday, the 25th of June 2022.

Initially the Leisure and Cultural Affairs Department approached the Hong Kong Sailing Federation to seek its support in organizing an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China. After consultation with the three major yacht clubs, the 25th Anniversary Sailing Cup was conceived, with each of the clubs organizing an event. The Hong Kong Jockey Club was appointed the exclusive sponsor.

The proposal raised some concern as the clubs needed to adapt or amend their existing racing schedules. In the case of the Hebe Haven Yacht Club the Mirs Bay Race, scheduled as Race 2 of the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2022, was rescheduled as Race 5 on Sunday, the 24th of July, and replaced by an island race more practical to accommodate both events, with everyone racing on the same course.

Seventy-eight of the 92 boats entered in Race 3 of the 25th Anniversary Sailing Cup turned up for the start; 27 also competed in Race 2 of the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2022, joined by 11 boats entering only the Typhoon Race , making a total of 89 competing boats on the water.

At the race officer’s briefing, Barry Truhol emphasized the concern over safety, given the size of the fleet of varying skills, and over the relatively light conditions forecasted of 5-6 knots. He was consequently considering setting the shorter of the two possible courses.

Meanwhile the event kicked off with the Hebe Haven Yacht Club commodore, Don Johnston, welcoming a number of VIPs, representing local dignitaries of the Sai Kung community, along with Cheung Mei Han, president of the Hong Kong Sailing Federation, and Mike Tanner, representing the Hong Kong Water Sports Association. The ribbon cutting, bai san and flag raising ceremonies followed.

However, out towards the entrance to Port Shelter, where the committee boat, Hebe One, dropped anchor, a steady 10- to 11-knot south-southwester, from 190 to 210 degrees, was blowing.

Consequently, there was a change of plan and the longer Course 10, taking the fleet out to South and East Nine Pins was selected. Sensibly, however, the windward Club Mark was dispensed, where major congestion might otherwise have occurred, given the varying levels of sailing proficiency.

First off, at noon, was the fleet of 16 in HKPN 3 followed five minutes later by the 12 boats in HKPN 2 and at 1210 the 14 boats in HKPN 1, all competing in the Anniversary Cup. Unfortunately, Aberdeen Boat Club’s Five O One, in HKPN 2, suffered equipment failure and never made it off the pontoon.
The next off, at 1215, saw the combined start of the five J-80s, eight HKPN A boats and nine HKPN B boats all competing in Race 2 of the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2022. Three of the J-80s, six of the HKPN A and eight of the HKPN B boats were also competing in the Anniversary Cup.

At 1220 it was the turn of the 12 boats in IRC/ATI Division C and Typhoon IRC C of which four were entered in both events, six only in the Anniversary Cup, and joined by two only entered in the Typhoon Race 2.

Finally, at 1225, it was the turn of the 13 IRC/ATI Division A and Typhoon IRC A boats, involving six in both events, three only in the Anniversary Cup and four only in Typhoon Race 2.

In the last start the TP52, Alpha Plus, got its timing wrong and had to dip down behind the outer distance mark of the start line and restart. This allowed the other two TP52s – Free Fire and Phoenix – to get a head start.

The course took the fleet beating out, passing the Trio Mark (s), to South Nine Pins (p), East Nine Pins (p) followed by a run to Bluff (p), a reach to Table (s) and finishing at Little Palm Beach, a total of 15 nautical miles.

Alpha Plus, having overhauled the other two TP52s, was the first to round East Nine Pin heading for Bluff followed by Free Fire chased closely by Phoenix and followed by the Ker 46, Zannekin.

however, managed to overtake Free Fire and finish 2nd across the line, 29 seconds ahead, in IRC/ATI Div A to tie with Free Fire on handicap in the Anniversary Cup.

Meanwhile the breeze remained relatively constant in the 10- to 12-knot range, gusting 15, and providing a pleasant breeze as the temperature rose in bright sunlight.

The run from East Nine Pins to Bluff made quite a spectacle with boats flying a variety of colourful spinnakers and asymmetrics. 

In IRC/ATI Division C, Juice led across the line to also claim handicap honours, followed by Arcturus, which slipped to 3rd on handicap beaten by Dexter II.

In HKPN 1 of the Anniversary Cup, Momentai claimed line honours for 6th on handicap, beaten by 1st XT, 2nd Legende II and 3rd Minnie the Moocher.

In HKPN 2, Tripple A claimed the daily double. Jibulai beat LoTech across the line by six seconds but had to settle for 4th on handicap. LoTech claimed 2nd with Lazy Piggy 3rd beating Jibulai by just one second.

In HKPN 3, Marmalade took line and corrected honours. In 2nd (on corrected) was Mystique and 3rd, Pepper & Salt.

In the combined results in Race 3 of the Anniversary Cup based on IRC/ATI handicaps Alpha Plus finished 1st.

In the combined HKPN Divisions of Race 3 of the Anniversary Cup Naiad took handicap honours. Marmalade placed 2nd with Mystique 3rd.

In Race 2 of the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2022 Alpha Plus again took the honours ahead of Phoenix and Zannekin in IRC A.

In IRC C, Arcturus led Dexter II over the line by 10 seconds but positions were reversed on handicap. Talkinghead claimed 3rd.

Footloose won line and handicap honours in the J-80 Class followed by the Hebe Dragons on Jelik 7, with Alex Chan’s Jive 3rd.

Minnie the Moocher took line honours in HKPN A for 4th on handicap, beaten by 1st placed Temujin with Lazy Piggy 2nd one second ahead of Jibulai.

Finally, in HKPN B, LoTech took line honours and 3rd on handicap, Pepper & Salt finished 2nd on handicap with Mystique once again claiming the top podium position.

To encourage crews to celebrate the event back at Garden Bar at the Hebe Haven Yacht Club polo shirts were distributed after the race and souvenirs distributed. Awards were presented for Race 2 of the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2022 before the sponsored San Miguel appeared along with a continuous supply of canapés.

A huge amount of work went into organizing the event with race management, club staff, volunteers and of course the sailors making it a highly successful and fun affair, aided with the best weather of the series.

The event proved to not only be a celebration of the HKSAR’s 25th anniversary but a celebration of    sailing, being back on the water, the co-operation and co-ordination between the Hebe Haven Yacht Club, the Aberdeen Boat Club, the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and the Hong Kong Sailing Federation. Long may it continue.

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