Typhoon Series 2018, Race 1

Typhoon Ewiniar the week before not only brought welcome rain but heralded the start of the typhoon season and, on Sunday, the 10th of June, the first race in the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2018. Organised by the Hebe Haven Yacht Club, this popular series comprising nine races over seven Sundays, ends on Saturday, the 25th of August 2018. Three island and five geometric races, along with the Mirs Bay passage race, provide plenty of variety.

It was a beautiful, sunny morning as the committee vessel dropped anchor at the entrance to Port Shelter, further out than usual, due to a kayak event taking place inshore.

Unusually for this time of year, the race officer, Ben Chong, was faced with a northwesterly breeze from 320 degrees where he set a windward mark at 0.5nm with a starboard rounding. The purpose of this was to divert the front runners from heading back into the fleet. It worked for most . . . but raised comments from some.

Others who didn’t read the flag signals ­ –  and the green flag clearly displayed  –  rounded the windward mark to port and were protested. Rather than face a jury, both sportsboats, Havoc and Gnarwhal, retired whilst others, including Brace! Brace!! Brace!!!, intend to pursue the matter further with a protest hearing scheduled for Wednesday. Intrigue plus made the same mistake but corrected its error to record a result.

Sixty-two boats have entered the series of which a commendable 60 turned out for the first island race of the series. Four of the boats had no IRC ratings . . . so were awarded a DNS for their efforts!

The first start at 1100 saw a combination of IRC Division A (nine boats) and B (six boats) sent on a 24nm race out to both North and East Ninepin, Bluff (p), Bay (p,) Trio (s) and finishing off Table Island.

In the second start, IRC Division C (11 boats) were joined by the Sportsboats (nine boats) with Hotwired caught On Course Side (OCS) and obliged to restart, while Havoc lived up to its name approaching the line from OCS and causing mayhem! They, like the remaining classes, had a shorter 16nm race around Trio, Bluff, Bay, Trio with a Table finish.

Third off were HKPN A (11 boats) and the J-80 fleet (five boats) followed by HKPN B (nine boats).

Atlhough the breeze eased slightly it regained strength to see a successful conclusion and a splendid day on the water, at least for most people. In IRC A, Jelik, in the absence of Frank Pong, took line honours and 3rd on corrected, Phoenix finished 2nd and Lighthorse Alpha+ 1st.

In IRC B, Outrageous claimed line honours and 2nd on handicap behind Blackjack with Kiasu! 3rd.

Gambit won line and handicap honours in IRC C, followed by Whiskey Jack and Moll.

Jelik 7 placed 3rd in the J-80 Class with Footloose 2nd and the win going to Jazz, crewed by the CN Sailing Club, China.

Bits & Pieces comfortably took line and handicap honours in HKPN A, ahead of Lazy Piggy and DEA II.

Bleu finished with a 3rd on handicap in HKPN B, beaten on the day by Gecko 2nd, and line and handicap winner, LoTech.

Awards for all (except Sportsboats) were presented back at the HHYC garden bar where the sponsored San Miguel beer quenched a thirst or two.

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