Youth Foiling World Cup

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club has been thrilled with the support that the Youth Foiling World Cup has received from fellow sailing clubs around the world and also from Persico 69F, whose innovative boats were part of the attraction of this event. 

However, due to the local Covid-19 situation, we are saddened to no longer be able to host the event in Hong Kong and have decided to move the event to a new location, while keeping the dates and racing format. 

With this in mind, Persico 69F, Federazione Italiana Vela (Italian Sailing Federation), Foiling Week and RHKYC are now working to hold the inaugural first Liberty Bitcoin Youth Foiling World Cup in Italy from the 19th of February to the 12th of March 2021.

This inaugural event is the first out of a series of three events. The intention is for the second event to be held at Lake Garda in July / August 2021 and for the third event to be held in Hong Kong in January 2022. The winning team with the best total scoring, based on these three planned events will be entitled to 1 Bitcoin, provided by Liberty Bitcoin Fund ( The current market value of 1 Bitcoin is US$19,320 (7th December 2020). 

Yacht clubs from around the globe are invited to participate, with priority given to those teams which had entered the Hong Kong event. There will be a minimum of 12 and maximum of 18 teams in each of the individual events. The participating teams in the first event in Italy will have a first right of refusal also to join the second event at Lake Garda in July / August and in Hong Kong in January 2022. Teams shall consist of three or four crew members and shall race with both genders or all females onboard. Crew shall have been born on or between the 1st of January 1996 and the 31st of December 2003.

The Notice of Race and entry form for the Liberty Bitcoin Youth Foiling World Cup will be available. For Liberty Bitcoin Youth Foiling World Cup enquiries:

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